She-Hulk Bosses Explain The Fourth-Wall Breaking Moments

She-Hulk Bosses Explain The Fourth-Wall Breaking Moments

She-Hulk showrunner talked about Shulkie breaking the fourth wall and its connections to her comic book roots.

She-Hulk Breaks the 4th Wall! – Scene (HD) She-Hulk Episode 9

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 9 Review: Episode 9 “Whose Show Is This” opens with Tatiana Maslany (Jennifer Walters) in the prison. Her friends met her in prison and told her to accept a deal to get bail. She agreed to a deal that she will never transform into She-Hulk again. Jen got bail, she lost her job and now she decided to stay with her family. She was not giving up. Jennifer tries to find out who is Intelligencia. With a boring life on her house. Jen decided to take a mental break and move to Emil Blonsky’s house (Tim Roth) to stay. Pug (Josh Segarra) attends an event to find out who the hell is Intelligencia group. Todd Phelps (Jon Bass) revealed that created Intelligencia. he is “Hulk king”. Emil Blonsky appeared at the event. Unfortunately, Jen gets into the Intelligencia event. Todd told her to plan those to take blood samples. He then created a new blood sample for Hulk and inject himself and Todd turned into Hulk King.

She-Hulk Breaks the 4th Wall and Going to Marvel Studio | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 9

Newest Episode ending scene
Jennifer Walters She-Hulk breaking the fourth wall going to real life and talks to Marvel Studio story writers.
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She-Hulk Breaking the Fourth Wall & Beat Up Marvel Staff | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 9

Newest Episode epic fight scene
Jennifer Walters VS Marvel Studio security, she beat up the staff to meets robot Kevin Feige.
#Shehulk #Marvel #Daredevil

WHO is SHE-HULK Talking To? Fourth Wall and DEADPOOL Explained

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In the series She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters frequently breaks the fourth wall. But does this break the reality of the MCU? How does this connect to Deadpool? Did Bruce notice her inner monologue, or hear her break reality? We have answers!

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Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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Now another Marvel character who’s known for 4th wall breaking is the murk with a mouth, Deadpool. But what if I told you that he wasn’t the first? [clip, Deadpool gasping.]

That’s right, She-Hulk was breaking the 4th wall before the character of Deadpool was even created.

Now had you asked me a few years ago if the MCU’s She-Hulk would break the 4th wall, I would have said I really doubt it. With the MCU being a “realistic” interconnected universe that’s been going for over 10 years now. Having a character all of a sudden reference the fact that they’re all in a movie or tv show would seem very out of place.

Infact, when it was confirmed that Deadpool would be joining the MCU. We speculated that other characters would just view his 4th wall breaking as a symptom of his insanity.

But now that She-Hulk is breaking the 4th wall within the MCU. We have a lot of questions as to how exactly this works in-universe.

Our first question is, did she gain the “ability” to break the 4th wall after getting her Hulk powers? In episode one of her new series it is revealed that Jen is even more equipped to handle the powers of the Hulk than her cousin Bruce. [clip, Bruce explaining her blood.]

So maybe she’s accessed a power that Bruce never could. The power of interdimensional awareness. The power to see us, the audience. [clip, Ultron hears the Watcher.]

In this scene when Jen breaks the 4th wall. [clip, he doesn’t mean that.]

Hulk seems to slightly overhear Jen talking to the audience. And when that happens, Jen seems a little surprised that he heard her.

Maybe the reason Hulk was able to slightly hear her is because he’s a Hulk. And while he doesn’t have the 4th wall breaking ability fully unlocked like Jen does. He’s still more in tune than your average person.

Doug: But isn’t 4th wall breaking just a form of storytelling? Not necessarily part of the story’s canon?

That’s a good point and actually brings us into our second question. Could She-Hulk’s breaking of the 4th wall just be a storytelling device? Meaning that isn’t actually happening in the MCU’s canon.

Which would mean that all those moments when She-Hulk is stopping to talk to us, the viewer. Those moments aren’t actually happening, it’s just a comedic representation of Jen’s inner monologue.

For decades 4th wall breaking has been used in books, plays, television, and film to help tell the story at hand. When we see characters address the audience, we understand that it’s not actually part of the story. It’s merely a tool used to help the audience better understand the motives of the character they’re following.

Take Frank Underwood from House of Cards for example.

Doug: Yikes… Out of all the examples you could’ve picked. Shame on you.

I know, I know, but it’s a really good example.